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Muller Consulting & Data Analytics (MCDA) produces policy analysis and strategic data intelligence in the U.S. healthcare space. MCDA combines extensive healthcare policy subject matter expertise, data, and computational power to address a broad spectrum of client needs.

James Muller

James Muller is the president and owner of Muller Consulting & Data Analytics, LLC (MCDA), a Washington, DC based healthcare policy and data consultancy. James has extensive experience in the U.S. healthcare policy, data and research spaces. His focus for the last 13 years has been on healthcare reimbursement policy, quality measurement, patient clinical profiling and analysis, and modeling of current healthcare affairs for a broad spectrum of clients.

Prior to founding Muller Consulting & Data Analytics, James ran the American Health Care Association's (AHCA's) Research Division - the principal trade association representing nursing homes and assisted living facilities, where he redesigned the department and led seven successful National Quality Forum (NQF) quality measure applications. Prior to AHCA, James was a Senior Associate at The Moran Company, a Washington, DC based healthcare policy and data consultancy, where he was technical lead on the Physician Fee Schedule reimbursement team, as well as numerous Medicare payment system redesign, disease profiling and clinical patterns, and quality measure development projects.

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