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Strategy / Policy / Research / Analytics

Muller Consulting & Data Analytics (MCDA) produces policy analysis and strategic data intelligence in the U.S. healthcare space. MCDA combines extensive healthcare policy subject matter expertise, data, and computational power to address a broad spectrum of client needs.


MCDA advises clients on reimbursement strategy, market expansion strategy, and broad implications of the reimbursement environment; navigates clients through regulatory frameworks affecting their reimbursement trajectories; provides expert witness services; and generally applies our skillset and data infrastructure for whatever will aid clients through improved, objective policy analysis and data intelligence.


MCDA employs an extensive infrastructure of Medicare claims data, other Federal and custom datasets, payment system replications, and augmentative datasets to facilitate all types of analyses that we are asked to perform.



MCDA's clients choose us because we have established credibility with relevant regulatory bodies, are honest and frank about the realities of their situations, create feasible paths forward that were not previously known, do not give false promises, and have the infrastructure and competency to constructively execute their business needs.


MCDA works with physician societies and trade associations, device and drug manufacturers, investors, venture capitalists, analytics vendors, insurers, academic institutions, and advises other consulting firms on data, methods and strategy.


James Muller founded MCDA in 2016 to articulate an approach to engaging with the US healthcare policy and provider landscape developed over the previous decade. High quality data intelligence improves the entire healthcare system - patients, providers, manufacturers, investors, insurers, and taxpayers.

High quality data intelligence, thanks to the incentives now built into the healthcare system, also benefit the individual stakeholders. MCDA's work builds on these incentives to benefit all parties by benefiting each client.


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